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Whats all the Buzz about ?

Bee Healthy Australia has spent the last decade as a market leader in the commercial manufacturing and industry supply of Australian Made Bee Products.

Recent comments from BHA CEO regarding the current state of The Australian Made Bee Products Market.

BHA."We notice growing trend for top name manufactures and retail brands stating exaggerated claims about the contents, active value and origin of their products"

BHA." both domestic and international markets have been effected by cowboy and crusader style companies that aim to do nothing more than manipulate the consumer into parting with their hard earned money."

Commenting continued regarding the growing demand for Australian Made Bee Products in both domestic and International markets.

BHA .For some reason, people see "Royal Jelly" or " Propolis " or "Bee Pollen" with a made in Australia Sticker and instantly part with hundreds of dollars at a time without really understanding its origin and contents, there are significant commercial dangers and risks here."

Recently in South Korea, there was boycott by Tv and home shopping networks from selling Australian Made Bee Products. One Korean National Mr. GA SANGSOON., decided he wanted to go to war with Korean Home Shopping Networks.

BHA. " too many distributers in Korea claiming all of their Raw materials were Australian made. Eventually there was imbalance in the supply v demand synergy, so Mr Ga Sounded the alarm.

BHA. "In one sense he initiated a much needed cleanse of a growing market in Korea full of an unrestricted flow of Raw material that was ripe for exploitation. Like any sector worth worth well over 20 million USD a year, there will always be the fair share of money hungry executives and ruthless players eager to get rich quickly at any chance."

BHA."They capitalise on premium sectors like this., " (referring to certain we'll known brands) "there is a multi million dollar industry formed on a foundation of clever advertising and it thrives on the general lack of knowledge about these products from the buying public. "

BHA."That as well a as a growing number foreign nationals living in Australia, according to Mr Ga. starting new companies here , then using their duel citizenship and Korean homeland networks to sell to the Korean people, Often importing cheaper, already finished raw materials into Australia then transhipping directly claiming them as Australian made."

BHA "they boast all the glory and quality of an Australian made products, but in fact all they are concerned about is stuffing giant profits into their bank accounts, and couldn't care less about peoples health and well being''

BHA "Its ironic to me. The world seems blissfully unaware of what is really going on behind the Scenes, most of them are happy to pay a fortune for something without really understanding what they are buying."

BHA " Im a firm beleiver in positive action. Bee Healthy Australia was always going to bee here for the long haul. Our Vision 10 years ago is still the same as it is today. How can we deliver exactly what our buyers want."

What would I expect from my Royal Jelly ??

1. Antibiotic screening and pesticide residues-

Fact: All royal jelly would contain both of the above unless they are strictly controlled or regularly tested throughout the production process. There is significant process involved in separating these from base materials. We know some manufactures outside Australia have found the active ingredient in royal jelly 10 hda bonded with these removed contaminants then re distribute it by diluting it in doses bellow the regulated threshold for each control markers. In essence deliberately poisoning you but doing it within the scope of the law.

2. Active component Royal Jelly 10 hda

I don't care what anyone says I want my fresh RJ @ 2.2 %10hda and my powder at 10 had 6% 10hda. ill take both of them with controlled and screened contaminets protocol with an active multistage 10hda analysis of at leat 3 count from start to finish, end of conversation!

Prove it.I've said it before and ill say it again if it doesn't state its 10hda value then assume it has ZERO and move on to the next Product.

BHA ''Interesting fact, Bee Healthy Australia is the first and only company in Australia to offer 10Hda testing for commercial use, with as little as 2 day turn around. We got fed up with Australia's leading labs and government agencies telling us it can't be done because nobody has done that kind of testing before in australia. Well We made that the very reason why we wanted to be the first to do it. Mission Accomplished!

BHA "Faking it was no longer going to cut it"

according to Bee Healthy Australia's founder and CEO,

BHA "the entire industry is on the verge of a huge shake up" We will make sure the government and apiarists hear the call from international buyers.

BHA." South Korea came in like Cyclone and went on a Royal Jelly Feeding frenzy Consuming what I would guess as much as 90mt of in just over 12 months. Let me do the Maths for you 90,000kg of Royal Jelly Powder x 3.5 kg fresh (how many Kg of Fresh Royal Jelly its takes to make 1kg = 315,000 kg

Stage 2 .

Investing in freeze driers and production facility to freeze dry fresh Royal Jelly. buying more Bee Hives, and investing in Commercial Harvesting Equipment and successfully producing Freeze dried royal jelly powder.


Visitors Centre ( the first of its kind in Australia)

We invite industry agents and international buyers to see the first and only Commercial Production facility of royal jelly in Australia. This will be available in the Adelaide Hills in spring.